Are you an operator in the Tourism industry? Then you know the importance of the China market.

The China outbound tourist market is where the growth is. If you are an operator wanting to increase your turnover, then the China outbound tourist market is a market which cannot be ignored. But how to better penetrate this market? How can you attract more Chinese tourists to your operation?

Firstly, your operation and brand needs to be visible online in Chinese-language social media channels.

Secondly, you need to have the infrastructure in place to process Chinese-language bookings.

To do these things, you need a comprehensive understanding of the vast web of Chinese-language social media channels – which are much more diverse than those in the English-speaking world. Also, you need to speak Chinese.

Our 321JUMP team have years of Chinese-language social media and online marketing experience in the travel industry. We can set up and maintain all the necessary Chinese-language social media channels you need and help you process Chinese-language bookings.

Our core team includes our founders who hail from China and New Zealand – not only do we understand the China market, but we know how to communicate this understanding to you in a way that makes sense.

Leo Stachnik – Business Development

From New Zealand and with over 10 years of experience, Leo has worked in the airline, travel and general aviation industries. Leo was previously the Head of Business Development for a Sino-NZ Aviation joint venture and was responsible as Project Manager for the setup of 2 skydive drop zones in China.

Weipeng – Sales & Marketing

From China and with over 7 years of experience, Weipeng has worked in the aviation, travel and e-commerce industries and has extensive experience in digital marketing. Weipeng has an understanding of the big picture in marketing and has been responsible for managing significant marketing budgets – including an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) budget of more than 100 million RMB.

Andi Parker – User Experience Design

From New Zealand and with over 10 years experience, Andi is a specialist in UX and UI design. Andi has been involved in the design of numerous renowned websites including New Zealand’s largest e-commerce platform.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which social media channels should my operation focus on in China?

    The social media landscape in China is quite different to that of the English speaking world. Firstly, channels like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are barely relevant in China. Secondly, there is a much larger variety of channels in China. In our opinion, currently the most important are WeChat, Toutiao and Youku.

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  • How does having visibility in Chinese-language social media channels help me?

    Firstly, we operate the Chinese-language social media channels on your behalf and make sure that there is attractive and relevant content frequently posted on your channels to create a following of your operation.

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  • How much does it all cost?

    We cater towards small to medium-sized operators and are flexible with the types of solutions we provide. Our fees really depend on the extent of services you need but we make sure our rates are competitive to allow small to medium-sized operators to increase their penetration in the China market without risking too much on investment.

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  • Where is 321JUMP?

    Our company is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Shenzhen is right on the border with HK if you want to find it on a map.

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  • I’m interested but not exactly sure what type of services I need?

    Feel free to contact us for a free no-strings-attached consultation. We are always happy to chat about possibilities and potential for the Chinese market. You can contact us at

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  • What is your 321JUMP platform?

    Feel free to contact us for a free no-strings-attached consultation. We are always happy to chat about possibilities and potential for the Chinese market. You can contact us at

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  • I’ve got a question, but can’t find an answer on your website.

    Feel free to send us your question and we will get back to you ASAP:

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